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SPC General Meetings Minutes


Topics: CHSP Preserve Our Park; SPC Website; Public Integrity Commission; County Council Priorities; Fall 2023 Rally Plans; Storm Management Amendment; SPC Organizational Update


Topics: Review/Discussion of SPC Mission; Update on Outreach Efforts; Update on Website; Update on Forest Preservation/Love Creek Elementary; Treasurer’s Report; Update on Master Plan Zoning District; Update on Council Priorities and Woodlands Preservation Project; SPC New Project Proposals; Code of Ethics Update


Topics: Critical Climate Legislation: Dustyn Thompson, Chapter Director, Sierra Club, Delaware Chapter; Land Protection/Open Space Funding: Michelle Schmidt, Director of Conservation and Watershed Planning, Delaware Center for the Inland Bays; County Government Update: Rich Borrasso, SARG and SPC board member; Call for Volunteers: Jill Hicks, SPC Vice President; Planning and Zoning Hearing on March 9, 2023; Treasurer’s Report: Judy Rose Seibert, Treasurer


Topics: Presentation by Sussex County Administrator Todd Lawson, Q's and A's from Public; Introduction and Comments by Sussex County Council Member Mark Schaeffer

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