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Attend our meetings - see the announcement on the Homepage for times and places

Attend our rallies and protests

Join one of our allied organizations - see Who We Are

Email, call, and visit your county council member - see below


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People working together can force change – it’s the only way change has ever happened.  Be a part of something bigger than any one individual.  

The information below and the easy links can all be found on the SPC website:

Be a Recruiter:
   Tell your friends about SPC and ask them to join the effort.  Use Social Media to recruit others and inform them about the issues or causes that matter to you. Encourage your network of friends, family, and affiliates to go to to learn how they can make a difference. Share posts from the SPC website and social media addressing the issues.
Be a Champion: 
   Join the Writing Campaign. Write a letter stating your opposition or support and send it to: 
1.    Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission,, and send a copy to Jamie         

           Whitehouse, P&Z Director, asking that your letter be made part of the official record:             

2.    Sussex County Council
           Michael Vincent, President:
           John Rieley, Vice President:
           Doug Hudson:
           Mark Schaeffer:
           Cynthia Green:
3.    Letter to the Editors:
           Cape Gazette:
           Coastal Point:
           News Journal:
           Delmarva Now:
           Bay to Bay News:  


Be a Hero:
   Attend the Planning & Zoning Public Hearing. Most hearings are held at the Sussex County Administrative Building, 2 The Circle, Georgetown, DE.  The agenda and an online packet of information can be found at  Check the agenda to confirm time and place a day or so before. *
   Attend the County Council Public Hearing, held in the Sussex County Administrative Building, 2 The Circle, Georgetown, DE.  The agenda and an online packet of information can be found at Check the agenda to confirm the time and place a day or so before. *
   *If the County anticipates a large audience, they may change the time and/or venue.


Be a Superhero! 
   Stand up and speak at the public hearings.  Read aloud a letter you wrote, or write down what you want to say.  You can use PowerPoint slides or PDF files to illustrate your statements. Or, simply say, “I agree with the statements made before me.”  


Numbers matter!


Suggestions on “How To”

How to use Social Media:  The easiest way is to share posts that others have created. Or create your own. Post to your personal account and group accounts that might sympathize with your position. Text and email family and friends inviting them to join the effort. Be professional. Don’t use foul, aggressive, or demeaning language. Copy the SPC website address into your post as a reference for more information.


How to write a letter to the Editor: State your case. What is it that you are opposing or supporting? State your reason(s). Provide facts and data, when available, that support your position. (Go to the SPC website for facts, data, and sources.)  Is there a personal story about the topic that you are willing to share? Personal stories are engaging. Keep your paragraphs short. Most publications have a limit of 500 words. Read examples of letters written by others and follow a format that resonates with you.  Always end your letter by signing off with your name, the town you live in, and your email address or phone number so the editor may contact you if necessary.  Go to the SPC website for examples.


How to Speak During a Public Hearing: Arrive early so you have time to acclimate to the setting, use the restroom, get settled. During the Public Hearing portion of a particular application, you are not constrained by a time limit. So, relax, take your time, and speak slowly and clearly.  Read your written comments or work from bullet points or an outline if you prefer. Practice your comments beforehand!   
                 Use facts and data, whenever possible, to substantiate your statements.
                 Visit the SPC website to view and listen to other statements made in the past. 
                 Remember: You are not alone. There are many others who feel the same way you do, and many will be in the room                     with you. In fact, bring a friend, or however many you can fit in your car!


Begin with a greeting, e.g. “Good morning, Commissioners/Council and staff.” Then give your name and your address. Now you are ready to continue with your statement. End with a “Thank you.”

If the P&Z Chairperson or Council President asks the audience to not repeat statements already made by others before you, make sure you at least stand up and say you agree with the statements already made about a particular topic. Note anything in addition that hasn’t been said and continue. 

Use visuals, if possible, to accentuate the points you are trying to make. Photos need to be on a thumb drive using PowerPoint or a PDF file. Not comfortable with using photos or visuals?  Don’t let that stop you from speaking. Do your best to describe the picture you want to mentally illustrate. Nobody knows what a flood or traffic in your neighborhood looks and feels like better than you!  No one knows those hazards in your location better than you, not even the paid attorneys and engineers. 

 If you can attend the Public Hearing but are not ready to step up to the podium with a full statement, then step up, and simply say, “I agree with all the statements made before me.”  That puts your opposition or support on record, and you are now among the ranks of the superheroes!  

Get Informed

Know Your County District and Your Council Representative


Know Your State District and Your State Representative:


Join One of the Local Environmental Groups for Emails/Information About New Developments and Impacts on Our Environment:



            Sussex Alliance for Responsible Growth:

            The Nature Conservancy:

            Interfaith Power and Light:

            Sussex Health & Environment Network:

            Save Our Lakes Alliance 3:

            Plastic Free Delaware:

            Green Drinks:


Read Local Newspapers, Editorials, and Letters To the Editor


Review the County Comprehensive Plan

and the County Code on Future Land Use:

Take Action

Just One Action Can Make a Difference!

Join One or More Local Groups Concerned About Our Environment, Overdevelopment, and Related Issues (see list above)


Sign Petitions Voicing Your Objections to Further Degradation of Our Environment, Overdevelopment, and Lack of Adequate Infrastructure for Existing Development


Respond to Calls to Attend (in person or on-line) Public Hearings of the County Council to Show Your Concern (visit county-council


Call in at the start of any County Council meeting to voice your opinion on any County topic. Anyone can speak for 3 minutes during the “Public Comments”. To join the meeting via telephone: Dial Conference Number 1-302-394-5036 Conference Code 570176 (Check the Agenda for that day for Conference Code changes at: https://


Respond to Calls to Attend (in person or on-line) Public Hearings Concerning New Subdivision Developments & Ordinances to Show Your Concern (visit https://


Speak at Public Hearings About Pending or Future Land Use Applications


Write to County Council Members About Your Concerns


Voice Your Support for New, Stronger, Protective Legislation


Write to your State Representative About Your Concerns (Note: Due to “home rule”, State Representatives do not have the power to make local Land Use decisions. They may however influence the decisions of a County Council representative in their district by sharing your concerns with them.)


Still not sure? Need help getting started? Suggestions? Questions?

Email us at

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