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What We Do


We Educate

Jill Hicks, founding member of SPC, engaging the public at the Saturday Lewes Farmers Market

Jill Hicks, SPC, at Lewes Farmers Market

We Advocate

Judy Rose Seibert, founding member of Sussex Preservation Coalition, testifying before the Sussex County Council.

Jill Hicks

2/7/2023. Jill Hicks and Jeff Seemons, SPC members, speak before County Council on the woefully inadequate cluster subdivision codes and their flagrant disregard by developers. Councilmen Hudson and Rieley express their desire to see loopholes eliminated.

2/21/2023. Susan Anderheggen, SPC Ally of Tidewater Landing on Robinsonville Rd, speaks at County Council on tree removal violations.

8/10/2023. Judy Rose Seibert, of Lewes, speaks at Planning and Zoning on maintaining the option for telephone call-ins to meetings, to make it possible for more Sussex residents to have their voices heard during Hearings & the Public Comment portion of the meetings.

We Work for Policy Change

Sussex2030, a founding member


of the Sussex Preservation Coalition, leads a campaign for a code of ethics and disclosure requirement for any official making land use decisions or recommendations.



The current Council election campaign (for District 5) brought to the surface what the public and residents of Sussex County have long suspected: those making land use decisions too often benefit directly from the decision.


It's time for the County to establish a code of ethics and disclosure requirements for officials who make land use decisions. Rapid growth is a major problem and ever expanding issue in itself without decisions being made by those with obvious conflicts of interest!

Therefore, we demand Sussex County Council immediately implement policies to ensure transparency and trust in all those involved in land use decision-making.

Concerned about conflicts of interest between Sussex County Council, the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Board of Adjustment, and those that present applications before them?

Sign the petition TODAY at either: § or Sussex2030 website


Campaign Initiatives

Photo: Jim Henry

Preserve and Protect Our Land


  • Increase State of Delaware Open Public Space Funding at $25 million per year.

  • Increase County Public Open Space Funding at minimum $10 million per year for three years with a dedicated sustainable source of open space funding secured by year three through impact fees on new development as funding source.

  • Implement Comprehensive Plan Strategy Create the necessary ordinance to protect established, mature, healthy trees during construction of new developments to better preserve existing trees and open spaces.


Preserve and Protect our Water


  • Improve buffer ordinance by mandating wider buffers and eliminating options for buffer reduction.

  • Protect wellhead and groundwater recharge areas by advocating for and enacting ordinances that ensure water quality of wellheads and excellent groundwater recharge rather than being covered by infrastructure, such as buildings and roads, and preventing pollutants from entering groundwater.  Enact enforceable measures and standards.

  • Develop Comprehensive Plan Strategy by “formulating strategies for better protecting groundwater, waterways, sensitive habitat areas and other critical natural lands in Sussex County

  • Implement Comprehensive Plan Strategy to Protect long-term water supply by encouraging land conservation in groundwater recharge areas.


Preserve and Protect Natural Sussex


Monitor & advise plant nurseries on the DE Invasive Plant law that went into effect July 1, 2022. (DE Code Title 3, Chapter 29 "Invasive and Potentially Invasive Plants".

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