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Why SPC?

The Sussex Preservation Coalition was formed to unite and strengthen all groups and citizens working to save our forests, to protect our wetlands, to conserve wildlife habitat, and to create a healthier, safe environment for all.

Without strong citizen action NOW, the combination of over-development, climate change, and sea-level rise will damage Sussex County beyond repair.

  • The science is clear and compelling.  Sea level is rising. Carbon Dioxide is climbing, and Delaware is sinking. 

  • Many areas now witness sunny day flooding. There are areas where flooding is common. 

  • Habitat for wildlife is disappearing.

  • Woodlands are being decimated. Follow the destruction on our Facebook page.

Protecting Ecosystems

Declining monarch populations across North America are caused by loss of their habitats, such as wildflowers or other pollinators. We need to protect the balance and biodiversity of our natural ecosystems for humans and nature to thrive together. We need to stop over-development

ETS JayWilliams2.jpg

Responding to Climate Change

Flooding from storms and sea level rise is anticipated to become more frequent and more intense over the coming century due to climate change and sea level rise. 

 Photo by Driscoll Drones

Establishing Adequate Buffers

"After years of accumulated nutrient pollution and habitat loss driven by changes to the landscape—notably development and the associated loss of forestland—the conditions of the Inland Bays have declined. Climate change is an additional stressor to the health of the water resources integral to the County’s coastal economy. Natural buffers, particularly forests, are very effective at controlling pollution and protecting essential habitat for fish and wildlife."

Delaware Center for the Inland Bays

Opposing Fill and Build Construction

Fill and Build Construction results in toxic water runoff into our streams and ocean as well as saddling future homeowners with potentially mold-infested houses.

Makes Our Work More Urgent
Mariner's Cove, 10/2/22
Long Neck Road, 10/2/22
Bay City, 10/2/22

photos courtesy of Driscoll Drones

When groups and individuals work together, rapid and lasting change is possible. Nowhere on Delmarva is that change needed more than in Sussex County. Rapid development in environmentally sensitive areas is destroying the natural environment and jeopardizing our way of life. Inadequate environmental policies at the state and local level are encouraging this type of growth. Public concerns and plans for environmental protection have been largely ignored for decades.

But now things are changing. Groups once focused on the negative impacts of individual projects are uniting to combine their energies to ensure that the needs of the community and environment are acted upon. Sensible growth that preserves the environment, recognizes and adapts to climate change, and protects our quality of life is possible. We are committed to education, advocacy, and direct action for policy change: please join us.

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