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Our Allied Groups

The Nature Conservancy, Delaware/Pennsylvania Chapter

We're working with government agencies, private corporations, conservation organizations and our members to conserve the places on which people and wildlife depend. This has resulted in the conservation of more than 30,000 acres across Delaware since 1990.

SARG: Sussex Alliance for Responsible Growth

A citizen-based organization that strives to inform and educate Sussex County residents and communities as to the critical importance of holding County government accountable to provide for ongoing sustainable growth while ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of its residents as guided by the Sussex County Comprehensive Plan.


We are a group of residents of Sussex County, Delaware who are concerned about responsible development of the County, preservation of the environment, and economic development of the area affectionately known as Slower-Lower-Delaware.


The Inland Bays Foundation (IBF)

advocates for and promotes the restoration of the Inland Bays watershed to its original "Fishable and Swimmable" condition  by conducting public outreach and education. In 2019, IBF established its Citizens Advocacy Program as a memorial to founding members John Austin,  Bill Moyer, and Bob Chin.  An ongoing project of the Program is the publication and updating of A Citizen’s Guide to Environmental Advocacy in Delaware, produced with Delaware Law School  Professor Ken Kristl.  A new section on "Zoning and Land Development" and the complete Guide are available as a free download at  

The Sierra Club

dates back to 1892 and is the oldest and largest environmental advocacy organization in North America. Our mission is to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet. For more than 45 years, the Delaware Chapter has blazed trails to protect the environment and to provide opportunities to enjoy and explore the natural beauty of our state. 

Save Our Lakes3

Since its founding in 2004, SOLA3 has worked to improve the natural environment of Silver Lake, Lake Comegys and Lake Gerar by promoting good practices and initiatives, supporting programs that improve water quality while opposing projects or proposals that degrade water quality and wildlife, and providing programs to educate the public on how to be good stewards of the lakes.

Southern Sussex County Community Action Group

To address common issues of unincorporated communities in southern Sussex County that impact the quality of life, availability of public services, public safety, and property values; and to positively affect continued improvement in these and other areas

Preserve Our Park
The Mission of the Preserve Our Park Coalition is to ensure that the Warner Grant Trust Lands as approved by the Delaware General Assembly on July 5, 1979 are administered by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control for the benefit of the people of Lewes, Sussex County, and the State of Delaware for the public benefit as areas of public recreation, conservation and/or nature education and are not used for private benefit to the detriment of such public benefit.

Plastic Free Delaware

Founded in 2010, we are a community-based, nonprofit organization focused on making Delaware a better, cleaner, healthier place by reducing the use of single use plastic and encouraging zero waste practices.

Teach a Person to Fish Society

Cultivating sustainability in Eastern/Central Sussex County is the key objective of the Teach a Person to Fish (TAPTF) Society. As we continue to witness the detrimental affects of climate change, which is already impacting our communities, we need to commit to educating people to live more sustainably, and at the same time, build resiliency to weather the coming storms. More specifically, we are interested in developing systems and teaching the people of our community to both utilize and know how to responsibly manage our local natural resources

Delaware Interfaith Power and Light

A Religious Response to Climate Change

Our Mission: Working through faith communities and community partners, to provide a religious response to the causes and impacts of climate change.

Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware

We offer an inclusive and uplifting faith for those who wish to practice acceptance and radical hospitality while seeking spiritual and personal growth, connection, and meaning.

Evans Farm Watch

We are a coalition of concerned property owners and communities working to oppose the development of Evans Farm into a 36 building, multi-family apartment complex.

Delaware Habitat Guardians

The rapid encroachment of human expansion is leaving animals in Sussex County without sanctuary, pushing them further into human settlements in search of food and shelter.  The Delaware Habitat Guardians seek to purchase an island of 6.8 acres of mature forest teeming with wildlife.

native roots.png

Native Roots Farm Foundation

Native Roots Farm Foundation works with tribal, public, and private partners to connect people from all backgrounds with the Indigenous plants and traditions of Coastal Delaware. We will celebrate the heritage and cultures of Native peoples through a public garden and sustainable farm. And we will offer agricultural, horticultural, and environmental programming, events, and initiatives. 

Bethany Beach Landowners Association

Statement of Purpose: Collect and disseminate information on matters that impact and are important to the membership; present the views of the membership to governments, organizations, and the public; work with community leaders and elected officials of the Town, the Sussex County Council, and State and Federal Government officials on issues most vital to Bethany Beach; pursue opportunities for partnerships and regional cooperation efforts across jurisdictional boundaries; advocate for the issues that affect Bethany Beach property owners; support local charitable and civic organizations that contribute to the well-being of the Bethany Beach area; and report to membership on all of the above.

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Sussex Preservation Group

SPG seeks to preserve the remaining pristine rural environment of Sussex County by using a multi-pronged approach that includes lobbying for better ordinances and codes to protect our woodlands, wetlands and wildlife; as well as working to create awareness and educate the public to develop a sense of stewardship for their local environment and be involved in its conservation.

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