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Our "lending library" offers information our members have turned up; please use it to lend us all a hand in sustaining a livable habitat.

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Sussex County 2018 Comprehensive Plan

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Clean Water Enhancement Program

Stormwater Management Offset District & Stormwater Management Bank

-Sussex County Engineering Department

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Master Planning Zoning District Ordinance

-Under consideration in January and February 2023 by County Council

The Case for Open Space in Delaware

-The Open Space Program (OS Program) was created in 1990 by the Delaware Land Protection Act and since its inception has been effective at protecting lands with ecological and cultural value. 

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The Cost of Sprawl in Delaware

Delaware holds a unique place in the battle against sprawl. We are the “Small Wonder,” and, with 1,955 square miles, we are second only to Rhode Island in size. Therefore, the race to stop sprawl must be run faster than in most areas around the country because we have less room in which to grow.

Smart Growth Assessment for Rural Communities

This self-assessment is a checklist of smart growth strategies that are relevant to a wide variety of small cities and rural communities. Users can use it to identify gaps in existing policies, codes, and programs; or simply to learn more about common smart growth practices.

Office of State Planning Annual Report

-Includes Strategies Implementation and Recommendations.

Audio Coverage of Over-development in Sussex County

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