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Nightmare on Nine Slide Presentation

Cool Spring Crossing (CSC): Nightmare on Nine


Nightmare on Nine: By The Numbers

  • 637 acres on the northeast side of Rt. 9 and Hudson Road

    • CSC will be twice the geographic area of Ellendale, 30% larger than Greenwood, and half the size of nearby Milton.

  • 5,624 projected population

    • Larger than the 2022 populations of Laurel (4,161), Milton (3,575), Lewes (3,533), Selbyville (3,093), Bridgeville (2,752), Delmar (2,178), and Greenwood (1,059).  

    • If created tomorrow, Cool Spring Crossing would be the 4th largest city/town in Sussex County.  

    • 566 school-aged children for Cape Henlopen School District – Estimate provided by the Developer, unconfirmed by the CHSD

  • 1,922 Residential Units  

    • approximately 750 single-family homes, 900 duplex/townhomes, and 350 apartments.

    • approximately 200 units to be included under the Sussex County Rental Program

  • 450,975 sf Commercial and Non-residential Space 

    • Includes Grocery Store, Convenience, Store Retail Shopping, Bank ,100-room Hotel, Theater, YMCA, Assisted Living, Medical Office, Educational Space.

    • 3 full-service, 2 fast-casual Restaurants 

  • Nightmare on Nine: Environment

    • 208 acres of forest, 104 acres to be removed.

    • 29.6 acres of non-tidal wetlands are endangered.

  • Nightmare on Nine: Traffic

    • CSC could triple the traffic on Rt.9

    • DelDOT estimates CSC will generate 32,957 additional vehicle trips per day. 

    • Current DelDOT Rt.9 AADT (Annual Average Daily Trips) = 15,503 

  • Nightmare on Nine: Well-Being

    • Capacity of Lewes and Milton fire departments is already stretched thin. Calls to Lewes VFD rose 42% in 2021-2022 due to rapid development.

    • Sussex County currently qualifies as a “medically underserved area” with shortages of general practitioners, dentists, mental health specialists, cardiologists, psychologists, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, and dermatologists.

  • Nightmare on Nine: State Rejects Mega Development

    • FOUR rejections of proposals by Office of State Planning Coordination



  • Contact the Planning and Zoning Commission.  Send comments by mail to the Planning & Zoning Office, PO Box 417, Georgetown, DE 19947,  

  • OR submit comments electronically at


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